Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Companies - 2021

Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Companies - 2021

    Top Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Companies

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    Arkivum delivers software, services and domain expertise for long-term data management and digital preservation

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    Bloqcube is an innovative clinical trials management and financial systems software company focused on accelerating clinical studies. The company offers a blockchain-based platform that enables decentralized data collection at clinical trials, accounting and financial planning facilities for quicker payments and budget overviews, and data security and integration. The company was listed in the Gartner® HypeCycle™ Report of 2019, 2020,2021 for Lifesciences and Blockchains, and it is one of the world’s only companies to employ blockchain technology for integrated clinical trial management and financial systems

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    cResults Consulting is a leader in providing efficiency management, resource planning, and scheduling solutions for quality operations. Its suite of Smart-QX platforms is implemented in 10 of the top 15 largest life science companies worldwide and is proven to improve cycle time, on-time delivery, and resource efficiency. Its QC solution Smart-QC is deployed across over 150 sites and integrated seamlessly with cResults’ QA solution Smart-QA. Having clients in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, the company is now expanding its footprint across other industries such as tobacco, aerospace, oil and gas, and the food industry

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    MR Solutions is an independent world-leader in MRI technology and a developer and manufacturer of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet) and preclinical benchtop MR systems.In 2013 the UK-based company has introduced the true cryogen-free MRS*DRYMAG technology, also known as the dry magnet, that does not require liquid helium or liquid nitrogen for cooling. MR Solutions has designed,lightweight, compact superconducting magnets allowing them to be installed in a small room. MR up to 9.4T and 42 cm bore size are available using exclusive MR Solutions technology

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    Saama Technologies isthe AI-driven Intelligent Clinical Cloud company that enables the life sciences industry to conduct faster and safer clinical development and regulatory programs. Saama’s LSAC is designed to allow drug development teams—including clinical operations, medical, and data management—make more informed decisions.At its core, LSAC is an AI platform that implements smart algorithms that can connect with all types of data sources. The platform can then quickly contextualize the data enabling clients to save several hours rather than waste time manually cleaning the data. Finally, LSAC turns the contextualized connected data into conversational data, which can communicate with all types of devices to gain insights