Top 20 Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Companies - 2014

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences sector is going through a positive metamorphosis due to the confluence of the biological science and information technology. The industry is changing its game plan by dropping old legacy systems and adapting newer technologies. This gradual transformation is characterized by simplified operating environments and access to real-time information through multiple channels. The changing customer demographics and the omniscient internet and mobility are transforming commercial operations; the way customers interact and collaborate. Technology solutions are helping organizations make digital shift seamless and deliver results with a mix of analytics, cross-channel interaction, and customized messaging. This has resulted in pharmaceutical companies exploring for new strategies and innovations.

There is also a gradual shift in the economic flow chart, depicting the ingress of many unique challenges arising from the macro-economic, demographic and industry-specific factors. Today, products are losing patents due to shortened pipelines and tight deadline issues. There is an increased pressure on pharmaceutical industry to curtail the cost of R&D, in order to bring products faster into market amidst heightened government regulations. Expectations are also rising, with patients given a higher stake in health management decisions and treatment regimes. Many consulting companies are assisting the Pharmaceutical sector in order to strike the right balance when it comes to treating these constantly aggravating issues. These companies act as the propeller to help their clients approach the right technology markets by making efficient business decisions and cost models, with a healthy dose of enterprise-wide innovations. As the search for efficiency continues, pharma companies are exploring for newer options in terms of technological solutions and consultant services for externalization, collaboration and consumerization to drive the future R&D.

In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Solution and Consulting providers to Pharma and Life Science 2014”, featuring the best vendors and consultants providing technology and services to the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry. The companies featured have showcased extensive business process knowledge, in-depth integrated and innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including the CIO Review editorial board have selected the top companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences market in the U.S.

    Top Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Companies

  • 1

    Improving the ways pharmaceutical and life sciences industry companies leverage information and make decisions in support of clinical research and development

  • 2

    Driving business results by delivering the right information

  • 3

    AX for Pharma provides a fully integrated ERP solution that offer all functionality needed for the specialized Pharmaceutical manufacturing business, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  • 4

    A provider of eSource solutions for the global clinical trials market

  • 5

    Covisint provides a cloud engagement platform to enable mission-critical external business processes and initiatives to help organizations in establishing a secure, reliable and integrated presence in the cloud

  • 6

    Specializes in global software testing, certification and acts as a catalyst to advance technological standards, security and interoperability

  • 7

    EtQ offers Enterprise Quality, EHS and Compliance Management Software for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration

  • 8

    Exostar provides secure cloud-based solutions that improve collaboration,information sharing, and supply chain management for over 100,000 companies worldwide, across aerospace and defense, life sciences,pharmaceuticals, and financial sectors

  • 9

    Iris Interactive is an Independent Software Vendor, committed to foster innovation in organizations by helping companies bring new products and services to market with speed, efficiency and quality

  • 10

    Single-source provider of vertical-specific applications and consulting services for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries

  • 11

    A company focused on innovative NLP based text mining for knowledge discovery and decision support

  • 12

    Provides software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment

  • 13

    Orbytel Group is a technology Solution Company that offers an integrated,web-based platform for product acquisition, development and planning experts

  • 14

    A global provider of software and solutions for life sciences research and development

  • 15

    Provider of SaaS Business Management software for leading public and private Life Sciences companies

  • 16

    RURO provides software, barcode and RFID information management solutions for life science organizations

  • 17

    Offers decision support products and services for physicians, biologists,chemists and toxicologists

  • 18

    TAKE Life Sciences is a global consulting, technology solutions and service provider, with significant focus across three principal business areas–Clinical, Regulatory and Safety

  • 19

    Delivers technology enabled business solutions that allow companies to protect and grow revenues

  • 20

    Providing end-to-end software solutions for global corporations operating in regulated industries