Top 20 Pharma & Life Sciences Tech Solution Companies - 2016

The technology advancements in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is driving a paradigm shift across the business—from powerful new drug chemistries to innovative R&D partnerships and marketing plans. The combination of analytics and cross-channel interaction is further simplifying the overall operations, enabling the access to the real-time information through multiple channels.

Meanwhile, the changing government regulations, tightened deadlines, and rising R&D costs are having a major impact on the pharmaceutical companies. To tackle these aggravating issues, companies are making a move towards latest innovations and cost cutting models that improve health outcomes, efficiencies, business agility and drive better decision making across the life sciences ecosystem. Exploring newer options and demographics for externalization and consumerization, companies are also improving operational efficiency and productivity, while developing new treatment modalities that will enhance profitability and drive the future of R&D.

In this edition of CIOReview, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Providers 2016”, featuring the best vendors providing solutions and services in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. The companies featured here showcase extensive business knowledge combined with innovative strategies and talent base across locations.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including the CIO Review editorial board selected the top companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences market in the U.S.

    Top Pharma & Life Sciences Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    A provider of outsourced safety, medical, regulatory, and technology services

  • 2

    Provides big image data and Regulatory, Quality, Compliance (RQC) Management software for the life sciences industry

  • 3

    Provider of SaaS based brand lifecycle management solutions

  • 4

    A niche products, solutions and services firm with cloud offerings focused on improving information management efficiencies across Regulatory, Safety and Quality functions within Life Sciences

  • 5

    Offers services, managing information for delivering a full facility electronic TOP

  • 6

    Provides cloud-based advanced sample management software to small and mid sized organizations

  • 7

    Provides customized data management services and Clinical Data Repository platform with advanced visualization and analytical capabilities

  • 8

    Provides solutions to improve R&D efficiency for pharmaceutical organizations

  • 9

    Provider of compliance and business intelligence solutions to the world’s largest pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and medical device companies

  • 10

    Provider of a comprehensive portfolio of Independent Validation & Verification services for life sciences

  • 11

    Delivers cloud data management and mobile analytics for the global life sciences industry

  • 12

    Provides biochemical and organic chemical products, kits and services to assist pharmaceutical and diagnostics development

  • 13

    Delivers a fully integrated suite of tools for specialty pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies

  • 14

    Provides anti-counterfeiting measures, product safety, brand protection and pharmaceutical inspection, by pioneering serialization and defining authentication

  • 15

    Provides cloud-based mobile and analytics sales solutions for the life sciences industry

  • 16

    Simplifies the complexities of clinical transparency management

  • 17

    Global outsourced pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development services provider

  • 18



    Delivers Clinical Trial Management Solutions to cut down the size and complexities of the trials and provide greater clarity into the drug effects

  • 19



    Provides high-end technological solutions including medical imaging to enhance clinical development process

  • 20



    Provides enhanced, insight-driven and integrated multi-channel message delivery to well-established and growing healthcare enterprises