Tenthpin: Boutique SAP Innovation for Life Sciences

Juergen Bauer, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
The life sciences industry witnessed an acceleration in Messenger RNA technology from the development of vaccines to treat COVID-19. Cell and gene therapy is also progressing, paving the way for the application of genuinely personalized medicine. With these recent advances, the industry is facing new challenges, especially in the pharmaceutical niche. Demand is for a more robust business model that implements innovative technology. While embracing digitalization is the new norm, enterprises require a reliable partner to carry out their strategic and digital transformation.

Tenthpin employs a front-end engineering strategy to connect its solutions with the client’s business plan, quantifying value over a generic digitization journey. The company is a globally leading business and technology consultancy with SAP as their core service, focusing on areas in the life sciences industry, like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, animal health, and med-tech.

Tenthpin helps life sciences industries manage their SAP landscape through project management, quality checks, and end-to-end value chain. The company utilizes SAP to support sophisticated industry-specific processes, such as clinical supply management for patient-centric, clinical trial supply chains.

“We are the only true industry innovation partner for SAP at the moment, helping them define the life sciences strategy,” says Juergen Bauer, Co-Founder, and Executive Chairman of Tenthpin.

Tenthpin employs SAP capabilities through collaboration to facilitate solution engineering and deployment that adds value to businesses in life sciences industries. The company focuses its expertise on three areas—SAP co-innovations, robotic process automation (RPA) and data analytics.

Tenthpin helps companies take digital transformation to the next level by executing RPA, which helps life sciences optimize workflow, eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks, and drives efficiency by implementing modern technology. It can extract essential data from contracts, emails, invoices, and other documents, as well as recognize patterns and take necessary action, bringing efficiency to end-to-end processing.
Tenthpin uses data analytics to facilitate many processes and determine the type and degree of technological applications required by life sciences firms to produce significant business results. The company brings in preventative analytics tools and real-world data for improved analysis, and deploys new data analytics applications to help its clients gain a competitive edge.

“We leverage a lot of our experience from working with various clients, seeing the trends, and building on that to develop what we believe are the new age innovations from a process and technology perspective in the life sciences sector,” says Bauer.

We leverage a lot of our experience from working across various clients, seeing the trends, and building on that to develop what we believe are the next innovations from a process and technology perspective in the life sciences sector

A case in point, Tenthpin played a vital role in defining the future operating model for a leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, which resulted in a tremendous change, taking the firm to the next level. In another instance, Tenthpin was able to develop a personalized platform in collaboration with a clinical research company that interacts with big pharmaceutical firms and research scientists. Its chief science officer, CEO, CFO, and others were given access to real-time information about various projects and the status of their development.

To make all this feasible, it is critical to have in place a team with significant industry, process and technology expertise. Tenthpin is a true learning organization that ensures its staff is the cream of the crop, advising clients on their S/4HANA journey from design to execution.

Tenthpin is actively collaborating with clients, consultants and peers to discover unmet demands and gaps in the industry in order to determine digital requirements that can further propel advances in the life sciences sector.


Basel, Switzerland

Juergen Bauer, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Tenthpin is a consultancy that offers business and technology solutions to industries in the life sciences sector, especially in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and med tech. Their solutions are three-fold and include the integration of SAP, data and analytics, and modern technologies.