Kalleid: Embracing a Human-Centric Approach to Business Transformation

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Mary Beth, CEO
Digital transformation opens up new possibilities for organizations with innovative products and services, better working methods, and agile organizational models. Though implementing disruptive technologies is always a difficult challenge, it is particularly taxing in the scientific landscape (e.g., life sciences), with a complex value chain in R&D, clinical, and quality domains in highly complex, multisite organizations. IT integration in a scientific setting consequently requires a robust partner with niche expertise who can support complex implementations, involving stakeholders from various groups and departments while harmonizing, preserving, and optimizing the scientific workflows.

Driving an integrated approach to business transformation for scientific applications is the IT consulting firm Kalleid. Founded in 2014, the Kalleid team includes experienced, senior professionals, having advanced scientific degrees supporting clients with technical writing and documentation, business analysis/re-engineering, training/eLearning, software testing/validation, chemistry data migration, sales & marketing enablement, and project management; both scrum/agile approaches. The added support of a partner like Kalleid is significantly beneficial for organizational change management due to COVID-induced remotization in labs or office settings.

The company’s right mix of both hard-skilled and soft-skilled professionals, along with an extensive network to staff projects worldwide, supports clients in maximizing the business value of their IT projects by turning data into business intelligence. In an increasingly machine-centric scientific field, Kalleid stands out for taking a human-centric approach to software deployment and prioritizing the client’s business goals and culture.

“We deliver an integrated technology transformation, in context, and not as an isolated, technology implementation,” says Mary Beth, CEO of Kalleid.

Kalleid aims to synchronize the people and technology components of client projects while serving as a communication bridge between IT, business stakeholders, users, and management, understanding the essence of a full workflow. Their expertise in IT risk identification and regulatory compliance is used to design and conduct testing and validation activities. Testing and validation are based on domain best practices, applicable regulations, and guidance to identify and execute a risk-based approach to testing and securing data integrity in any application.
“What set us apart from our competitors is the best-of-breed services we offer and the transparency we maintain throughout our processes. We do not believe in overselling our capabilities but instead seek to ensure the quality of our services in helping our clients realize their goals,” says Mary. “We have a collaboration model, assembling world-class teams and partners to give the customer the best team available that drives the right result the first time.”

Kalleid has been making great strides in the industry they inhabit by revamping the technological transformation processes of several organizations. One of the many success stories scripted by the company is the clinical supply chain application implementation for a global biopharmaceutical company. The company was using two legacy applications and unreliable Excel-based tracking tools to manage an extremely complex clinical supply chain supporting hundreds of global clinical trials conducted annually. In order to control costs more effectively, the company decided to implement a new clinical supply chain application to support better planning and management of production, supply, and demand for all clinical products.

The differences in the two legacy application systems, together with business process variations across different sites and the widespread use of paper-based tracking, made the harmonization efforts for the project extensive. It demanded ongoing collaboration across quality, clinical supply chain, pharmaceutical sciences, and IT teams. With the expertise in facilitating organizational change management (OCM) and a track record of success with similar projects in other biopharmaceutical companies, the customer chose Kalleid to run Communications, Training, and business standard operating procedure (SOP) workstreams for the project for sites located in both the United States and Japan.

Mary believes their internal structure with a disruptive work environment plays an important role in the impact they create on the clients. “Our work culture is such that we attract very qualified people, giving them the freedom and autonomy in their working methods to craft strategies and work in a collaborative atmosphere that foster new ideas,” she says.

Kalleid plans to continue building their presence in the market space while branching out into new areas. The company has become involved in cell therapy manufacturing and helping clients implement GMP, workflows, and processes for highly complex, biological manufacturing, as well as supporting the end-to-end lifecycle to meet regulatory mandates and operational goals. With their comprehensive set of solutions, Kalleid is committed to resolving the transformational hitches during project implementation of scientific applications.

Kalleid News

Kalleid Featured as One of the 10 Most Promising Pharma and Life Science Tech Solution Providers by CIOReview Magazine

Kalleid provides an integrated, human-centered approach to business transformation in the life sciences

Boston, MA –
Kalleid, Inc., a laboratory IT consulting firm that has proudly served the scientific community since 2014, is being featured as one of “10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Pharma and Life Sciences solutions and transforming businesses” in the annual Pharma and Life Sciences edition of CIOReview Magazine. CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that is focused on helping enterprises navigate today’s challenging business environment with critical information about technology solutions and services.

Mary Beth Walsh, CEO of Kalleid, said, “Kalleid is pleased to be recognized by a quality publication like CIOReview for the work we do in supporting the success of our client’s IT projects and overall organizational transformation. In a world increasingly dominated by digitization, we feel our human-centered approach to technology projects provides a necessary balance that serves to both ensure and maximize the success of digital transformation efforts.”

Kalleid will be a featured technology solutions provider in the October 2021 edition of CIOReview magazine. This edition will mark the 8th consecutive year of CIOReview’s annual Pharma and Life Sciences focus.

“Our mission is to be a trusted source of engaging content that is instrumental to the success of business executives and technology professionals in the Life Sciences,“ said Richard Watson, senior editor at CIOReview magazine. “The quality and integrated nature of Kalleid’s services perfectly align with this mission. We are very pleased to be able to enhance the trust we’ve cultivated with our readers by introducing them to a company like Kalleid. We feel this will be a win for our readers, a win for CIOReview, and a win for Kalleid.”


Cambridge, MA

Mary Beth, CEO

Founded in 2014, Kalleid is a boutique laboratory IT consulting firm working across the value chain in R&D, clinical, and quality areas to deliver support services for software implementations in highly complex, multi-site organizations. Kalleid supports the success of IT projects and overall organizational transformation efforts with a wide range of interconnected services while keeping people at the center of any effective change management strategies. The firm’s human-centered approach to software implementation also extends to supporting our clients with technical writing and documentation, business analysis/re-engineering, training/eLearning, software testing/validation, and project management (both scrum/agile approaches)