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Rafi Maslaton, President
For many decades now, the pharmaceutical and life science industry has only focused on improving the efficacy of drugs, reducing cycle-time, and accelerating the development of medicines. Additionally, achieving operational excellence can greatly support these processes and enhance their outcomes. Concepts like lean and six-sigma existed previously but were adopted by only a few companies. Today, leaders from every major pharma company strategize programs and heavily invest in improving their Quality Control (QC) labs and Quality Assurance (QA) departments to achieve high operational excellence. Digitalization has become inevitable in view of the pandemic, and the pharmaceutical and life science industry is gracefully embracing this change by employing digital planning and automatic scheduling technologies within their organizations. Pioneering efficient resource management and helping organizations succeed in their digital transformation journey is cResults Consulting. The company’s Smart-QX platforms’ suite empowers businesses to improve their operational performance and visibility and leverage technology to automate manual processes.

cResults offers Smart-QC, a SaaS digital resource planning and scheduling tool designed particularly for QC laboratories. Users can manage dynamic and complex QC environments, automate repetitive activities scheduling and manage fundamental operations such as tests, reviews, approvals, as well as non-test-related activities such as staff training and meetings. By combining every aspect of the QC lab, Smart-QC offers a holistic view of a lab’s operations and enables managers to have complete visibility over its routine activities. Additionally, cResults offers Smart-QA, a product structured around the QA aspects of an organization. The solution comprehensively addresses QA activities such as batch-recording releases, clearances, auditing, and more. Housing reliable and efficient KPIs, both the solutions are configurable and can generate more than fifty unique analytical reports for planning and scheduling for the QC lab’s operations. Users can oversee and manage the lab’s entire operation via a single dashboard, configurable according to their needs. The solutions are hosted on AWS and don’t require installing new software or having employees learn programming. Smart-QC and Smart-QA are accessible from mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, enabling users to access and manage their data at their convenience. In addition to offering quality control and assurance tools, cResults also provides a compliance-focused software solution, FDAAware.

FDAAware is a groundbreaking solution that helps clients in FDA-regulated industries to uncover compliance risks by leveraging historical and recent 483s, recalls, and warning notices. cResults uses company profiles and advanced projection algorithms to examine vulnerable sites and the overall compliance status. Elaborating on this, Rafi Maslaton, President at cResults Consulting, says, “We evaluate FDA trends, areas of concern, and provide clients with critical information regarding compliance risks. We are at the final stage of integrating FDAAware with Smart-QC and Smart-QA.” The solutions have undergone several tremendous iterations of security assessments and have passed with flying colors every time.

The solutions have undergone tremendous amounts of security assessment and have passed with flying colors every time. Our procedures ensure system security by maintaining highly encrypted environments for customer information

cResults’ software development procedures ensure system security by maintaining highly encrypted environments for storing customer information. Owing to its long-running expertise in the domain, cResults Consulting is a prominent and trusted name in the pharma and life science sector. The company’s solutions are currently deployed across 150 locations by industry leaders. cResults has many clients who greatly appreciate its customer-centric and innovative approach to implementing the solutions.

The majority of cResults’ clients have witnessed massive levels of improvements within their organizations. While some reduced their cycle-time by ten to thirty percent, others significantly improved their efficiency, and on-time deliveries consistency. They also reduced their overall inventory, improved the predictability of labs, and became more proactive in their operations. “Clients improved their efficiency without hiring new employees. By performing more work with same or fewer employees, many customers diverted their workforce to other departments of their organization and reduced their QC cost significantly,” adds Maslaton. Smart-QC and Smart-QA enable users to automate repetitive and manual reports, saving them time to redirect their focus on essential activities in labs, such as training staff, eliminating wastes, and reducing investigations. cResults’ solutions even helped several of its clients navigate teleworking environments by leveraging the tools to manage their operations from home, access critical information, and make informed decisions.

As the pandemic accelerated digital transformation, many other industries started implementing cloud-based solutions. While adapting to the trends in the market, cResults also developed a new module called Smart-Me, a self-training module that trains customers one-on-one. As on-site consultancy became almost impossible during lockdowns, Smart-Me helped users operate remotely. The company is now expanding its footprint across tobacco, aerospace, oil and gas, and the food sector. It recently acquired business with a giant company in the tobacco industry. As Maslaton concludes, “It brings me immense joy to see talented people coming on-board with us, and contributing to the overall growth of our company. cResults Consulting will continue to grow and contribute to the success of our client’s business.”

cResults Consulting

Tenafly, NJ

Rafi Maslaton, President

cResults Consulting is a leader in providing efficiency management, resource planning, and scheduling solutions for quality operations. Its suite of Smart-QX platforms is implemented in 10 of the top 15 largest life science companies worldwide and is proven to improve cycle time, on-time delivery, and resource efficiency. Its QC solution Smart-QC is deployed across over 150 sites and integrated seamlessly with cResults’ QA solution Smart-QA. Having clients in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, the company is now expanding its footprint across other industries such as tobacco, aerospace, oil and gas, and the food industry

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