PharmaCord: Driving Results through a Patient-Centric Approach

Nitin Sahney, Founder & CEO
Among the oodles of buzzwords that are currently pervading the world of healthcare, patient-centricity is one that is engendering a real shift in focus for the pharma and life sciences industry. Putting the patient first and adopting a patient-centric approach is considered to be the essence of high-quality healthcare and long-term industry success by most experts. This is propelling pharma companies to re-evaluate their offerings and ensure that the products and services they provide align with the needs of their customers. In regard to this, the pharma sector is slowly turning to patient support programs (PSPs) and services to help drive clinical and commercial success. With a prime objective to address the common challenges that the pharma/biopharma stakeholders encounter, PharmaCord, an independently owned healthcare services company, has built an innovative technology platform—CORscend. Powered by AI, the platform transcends traditional hub services by overcoming the predicaments related to inefficient patient support processes, siloed and rigid systems, and lack of actionable data; thereby enabling better patient experiences and commercial outcomes. “Our proprietary platform links reimbursement services, patient-centric pharmacy, care coordination, clinical services, and patient assistance programs to enhance the therapy experience,” expresses Nitin Sahney, founder and CEO, PharmaCord.

One of the primary issues seen in the life sciences industry concerns multiple complex medications. Every medication developed has different characteristics based on the disease state, the size of the patient population, and the product’s route of administration. “And, in order to design the right patient support program for the medication, it is necessary to understand the optimal path of patients undergoing a particular therapy,” says Sahney. For this, PharmaCord has developed a unique approach called 3-D, where PharmaCord’s team engages with clients in three phases—discovery, development, and deployment. “This approach helps us understand the many different characteristics of the product in designing a PSP that helps provide patients with excellent experiences,” adds Sahney.

CORsights provides pharma and biopharma companies with the right information in real time to help them navigate the market factors that can affect their products

Another common issue experienced is apropos of the accessibility of insightful data. While pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to confront the changing dynamics of a product’s lifecycle, it is necessary they have access to reliable, comprehensive, and timely data that prepares them for what lies ahead. “We have created a device-agnostic reporting platform called CORsights for the same,” reveals Sahney. CORsights provides pharma/biopharma companies with the right information in real time to help them navigate the market factors that can affect their products.

An aspect that truly differentiates PharmaCord is the agility and ability of its solutions to adapt to clients’ needs. This agility was put to the test when a client asked PharmaCord to develop a tool that provides patients with a real-time benefit check on demand. “The client wanted a solution for patients, which enables them to go to the product’s website, input a few pieces of information, and learn their cost for a particular drug,” explains Sahney. “Using myCORconnect—our suite of consumer-facing patient support and access tools—the client was able to get the required information.” This also made myCORconnect a viable solution that improves patient connectivity and helps enhance their experience in therapy.

Established in 2017, PharmaCord has already carved a niche within the pharma and life sciences industry through its proprietary platform that acts as the nexus for its services. Forging ahead, the company hopes to keep growing at a steady pace and continue investing in people, facilities, and technology to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape. “It is a very exciting time to be an innovator in this space, and we are keen to explore the various market opportunities,” concludes Sahney.


Louisville, KY

Nitin Sahney, Founder & CEO

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