Conexus Solutions: Empowering Pharma’s SMBs with the Right Solutions and Services

Praveen Chandrasekhar, CIO, Akshay Kapadia, CEO & Founder and Paul Kandle, Chief Commercial Officer
"Most service and solution providers only focus on large companies which leave the smaller and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) really underserved in the pharma and life sciences industry” explains Akshay Kapadia, founder and CEO of Conexus Solutions. Serving the pharma industry for years, Kapadia is a seasoned entrepreneur who has a healthy mix of technology and business process knowledge to understand the most pressing requirements of these companies. “We have observed that a lot of our customer segment is run by people coming from larger companies who know what they need but simply cannot afford what other suppliers offer and usually have to come up with workarounds.” Often, their needs become more complex as they are trying to do more with less. This is the reason Kapadia founded Conexus Solutions - to build a highly capable, effective and nimble team to support commercial and clinical operations for small and medium pharma and life sciences companies. “We cater to the smaller and mid-tier companies by creating a package of high quality solutions for them at the right price point.”

As a Veeva services partner, with multiple certifications, Conexus helps clients with their Veeva CRM implementations, ongoing maintenance and end user support. The company offers the Conexus Turnkey Solution “CTS”, which is a pre-configured version of Veeva that allows clients to implement the CRM solution without having to start from scratch. “Basically, we deploy an instance of the Veeva platform, which is pre-configured based on our experience then customize it to meet the nuances of each client’s business requirements.” The CTS configuration affords our customers faster implementations and more functionality at lower costs,” says Paul Kandle, Chief Commercial Officer of Conexus Solutions. As industry experts, the company readily understands client requirements, consults with them on their business needs and implements the configurations that are most suitable for them. We bypass the time that is traditionally spent on identifying the basic features and focus on the value-added ones.”
Interestingly, the CTS pricing includes ongoing support so the company does not write change orders for the customization that the client asks for, which further supports the client’s budgets.

We cater to the smaller and mid-tier businesses by creating a package of high quality solutions for them at the right price point

Similarly, Conexus offers a pre-configured and customizable data management platform for all the data management needs of their clients. Here, the company has carefully considered solutions such as MS Azure and MS Power BI that are “pay as you use” models as opposed to licensed software solutions that are costly. “By utilizing our expertise in technology, we choose the right solution for our clients to provide what they need and simultaneously keep costs under control,” explains Praveen Chandrasekhar, the company’s CIO.

The company draws its expertise from Kapadia who was also recognized as a Veeva Hero. Exclusively serving the SMB market, Conexus has significantly invested in building numerous capabilities and configurations. “We are not only selling a product or configurations to our clients; we are consultants giving the right advice to clients to move forward.” Unlike other providers that only provide configurations, Conexus offers complete end to end support for their clients from implementation to ongoing support of the solution. It may be an old adage but “we service what we sell” says Kapadia.

In keeping with the same spirit, the company thoroughly understands the market trends and is building its capabilities and staffing ahead of demand. In line with that, Conexus is also working towards supporting implementations of Salesforce and other cloud-based software applications using its existing core model. Many SMBs are also struggling with its analytics at a reasonable cost, and the company is currently working to offer the data analytics capabilities to clients to give them actionable insights.

Conexus Solutions

Princeton, NJ

Praveen Chandrasekhar, CIO, Akshay Kapadia, CEO & Founder and Paul Kandle, Chief Commercial Officer

Provides outsourced sales operations, CRM implementation, data management, reporting and analytics to the SMBs in the pharma and life sciences space

Conexus Solutions