Saama Technologies: New Fluid Analytics Engine from Saama Cost-Effectively and Rapidly Resolves Complex Data Analytics Challenges for Life Sciences

HaranathGnana, VP-Life Sciences, Healthcare & Europe
The desire for a data-driven environment has led enterprises to leverage data assets real-time. However, here’s a problem that many businesses in the pharmaceutical industry face: “How to take advantage of multiple data sets that are available today?" Most companies spend time analyzing internal data assets and are missing external, syndicated data and social media datasets. “At the fundamental level, the challenge is acquiring these different datasets, understanding their complexities, synthesizing and deriving insights, and making sense of the business situation,” begins Haranath Gnana, Saama’s VP-Life Sciences& Healthcare.

Showcasing the value and power of data assets with actionable insights, Saama uses advanced analytics solutions to address intricate data structures. “Our unique delivery and runtime technology—Saama Fluid Analytics Engine–helps businesses get all of these datasets together through a customizable, advanced analytics engine,” affirms Gnana. The platform can be used for rapid development of data solutions, giving a quick time to value, and the ability and agility of custom-built solutions. In one particular use case Saama found out that researchers are looking to identify and better understand specific patient cohorts with traits like being on certain drugs / therapies for certain period of time, or being on a certain sequence of drugs / therapies for certain durations.

“This traditionally is a very time consuming and resource intensive process, considering the amount of bandwidth available at the disposal of any team,” states Gnana. To address this, Saama leveraged the Fluid Analytics Engine to build a solution with a simple Google-like interface. This guided analytics solution enables clients to input the type of therapy they are interested in and the Fluid Analytics Engine will prompt the user similar to how a search engine will provide a list of intelligent options.

In addition, the push for electronic medical records has driven pharmaceutical companies to find the true value of their drug, in the real world patient setting. To accelerate this need for real-world evidence, Saama has built a platform called Real-World Analytics to support these specific business cases. The platform is built to ingest data—a combination of claims data, and electronic medical records data to bring out a series of analytics results.
For another client, the need was to better understand claims and electronic medical records data. “We built out the complete solution including a data platform and analytical framework which became the basis for ingesting various datasets from their different data silos. We then delivered dashboards with insights using our own html5 based visualization module of our Fluid Analytics Engine,” explains Gnana. The company worked on both ends of the spectrum from ingesting data to deriving and delivering insights. The Fluid Analytics Engine is the glue that holds assets together, and by adding only required components the result is higher ROI.

Our delivery and runtime technology—Saama Fluid Analytics Engine -can help businesses get and synthesize all of thedatasets together and derive rapid insights through a customizable advanced analytics engine

Moving forward, Saama is keen on leveraging high value, rapidly deployable solutions at a broad enterprise wide scale. “Expanding the number of clients for our high-end solutions and our FluidAnalytics Engine will give us the opportunity to scale. We will build out solutions that cover many business questions in commercial & clinical areas.

These solutions are 70 percent pre-built to address specific business questions with the remaining 30 percent customized and tailored; Saama recognizes that a “one size fits all” approach does not work,” says Gnana. Saama will continue to invest in data science capabilities to enable deeper insights, intuitive visualization and rapid customer value.“We work with our clients as strategic partners, enabling them to fully leverage their rich data assets and derive and deliver deep, high value insights,” concludes Gnana.

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HaranathGnana, VP-Life Sciences, Healthcare & Europe

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