Reltio: Pioneering a Data Driven Future for Healthcare & Life Sciences

CIO VendorManish Sood, CEO and Founder “In this dynamic era, companies must recognize the imperative for change to survive and thrive over the long term”, stated an Accenture report on life sciences. 2014 was a record year for healthcare and life sciences M&A with a record breaking US$200+ billion (Source Harris Williams report Dec 2014), spurred by the lure of new potential blockbuster products, shifting commercial priorities and a desire to cut costs and gain higher operating leverage, but more about this later and the new exciting business models and possibilities.

Within each organization, R&D teams are exploring new operating models and capabilities across discovery, preclinical, clinical, regulatory, pharmacovigilance and medical affairs. While commercial operations are shifting from direct-to-physician promotion of blockbusters to create more specialized therapies for better health patient outcomes.

All of this is occurring under a backdrop of multiplying customer segments; increasing patient involvement in health decisions; payer reluctance to cover new therapies that do not deliver measurable improved health outcomes; providers evolving to corporate models such as Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs); and increasing regulatory reporting requirements.

The common denominator to successfully deliver on these initiatives and more is making data reliable and relevant from countless internal and external sources. However, creating a holistic view by combining and uncovering relationships between vast amounts of data from hospitals, primary care providers, researchers, health insurers and more, is not an easy task. It requires going beyond today’s siloed IT efforts to ensure master data quality, and business use of packaged applications such as CRM and ERP, that only serve traditional business models —a task effortlessly carried out by cloud-based data-driven applications provider Reltio.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Reltio’s mission is to deliver unprecedented access to reliable and relevant information into the fingertips of frontline sales, marketing and compliance users in healthcare, pharma and medical device organizations to support any business model. “We are challenging the traditional notion that IT must combine multiple technologies to manage different types of data, and that it’s sufficient to provide business analysts and data scientists with standalone tools to perform their own analysis,” says Manish Sood, CEO and Founder, Reltio.

Applications as Easy to Use as LinkedIn

Manish believes that the path to a holistic view lies with enterprise data-driven applications (DDA) for everyday business users, fused with modern data management that IT can rely on. Reltio Cloud brings together that exact combination to form a continuous closed loop of reliable data, relevant insights and intelligent recommendations. Modern data management goes beyond Master Data Management (MDM)—a technique that standardizes and cleanses data, incorporates rules to determine the most accurate and valuable field values, and cross references duplicate records. MDM falls short by not providing visibility to the entire span of business activities, which includes transaction and interaction data. Instead it’s used only as a separate back office process to feed legacy applications such as ERP and data warehouses. For example, most organizations still need to go to multiple systems and data sources to see who prescribes their products, the rank of their products among competitors, the affiliations and makeup of committees that determine formulary placement of their products, and more. Even if they could bring the information together through analytics, they have no direct way to correlate analysis into actions a frontline business user should take to achieve better outcomes.

For the first time business teams can get the agility they need, while reducing IT burden and giving them the data quality and compliance they desire

Reltio Cloud’s enterprise data-driven applications are tailored for the role and business goals of each user. They are as easy to use as consumer data-driven applications such as LinkedIn, and each application can be deployed in phases for specific business initiatives. Reltio has been used to support account and sales teams using affiliation management, key account management, plan and payer management; brand managers for product segmentation, cataloging, market and competitive analysis; HR teams for CIA (Corporate Integrity Agreement) sales rep training compliance; marketing and MSL (Medical Science Liaisons) for key opinion and thought leader management, clinical trial site and investigator management, patient data management and more. “Reltio datadriven applications are being used by companies in business scenarios that the rigid process-driven structure of CRM wasn’t designed for. Sales people see CRM as a recording device for management, that doesn’t help them sell more or manage their accounts better. They want tailored applications which can provide insight and recommended actions, based on the best data available, to help them succeed,” remarked Manish.

Reltio’s modern data management foundation for DDAs dynamically cleanses and reconciles data to uncover relationships within and across Healthcare Professionals (HCP), Healthcare Organizations (HCO), products, locations, plans, payers, patients and more. Any type of master data, transaction and interaction data, third party, public and social data can be brought together and related through Reltio, with full security, privacy, and auditability meeting the highest IT data quality and compliance standards.

Buying Data as Easy as Shopping on Amazon

Organizations that license data from third party data providers or want to leverage open data sets traditionally had to burden IT with loading data through cumbersome batch processes. By providing these data sets through data-as- a-service (DaaS) Reltio has lowered the barrier for companies to integrate and augment data within their enterprise, and provided third party data providers with a mechanism to sell their data to new audiences. Reltio has formed partnerships with data providers such as MedPro, DarkMatter2BD, Health Market Science and Enclarity (now LexisNexis) to bring their datasets in the cloud. Users of Reltio DDA scan search across all data sources, purchasing data Amazon-style on demand to give them a broader insights which they can act upon right there and then.

Manish proudly added, “Endusers of a Reltio DDA can even collaboratively improve the quality of the data. Since many frontline business users meet with their customers such as HCPs and HCOs, they have access to the very latest updates, which they can feed back to the vendor for credits, a win-win for all.” Meanwhile the same data subscription capability can be used internally between departments. In other words, each deployed DDA can subscribe or share data with another DDA. Data from affiliations, plan and payer, HR CIA, product and HCP/HCO master information can all roll up to feed a key account management DDA.

Secure Information at Their Fingertips

For any cloud offering security is a big concern. Cases such as exposing of millions of credit cards, e-mails, employee records, and databases have caused concern, even though in most of those scenarios the data wasn’t even stored in the cloud. Reltio ensures all data is completely encrypted and secured. Reltio also adheres to healthcare and life sciences specific industry standards and security policies. “Certifications and accreditations strengthen the security around our data-driven applications, giving our customers peace of mind,” describes Manish.
In fact, Reltio has been used in multibillion-dollar M&As in which security and privacy is of the utmost importance. Reltio was able to reconcile the data for each of the merging parties into their separate clouds, then using DaaS to bring the data into a shared “clean room” cloud that only the auditors could access. This not only helped accelerate the pre-merger analysis of synergies and overlaps between the companies, but also provided the foundation for new DDAs going forward for the combined entity.

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC), are key trends that healthcare and life sciences companies should care about and Reltio is uniquely positioned to support them. “Data generated from a variety of sources such as multi-channel and omni-channel customer interactions, as well as Internet of Things for patient care for example, will scale to big data volumes as historical data must be retained,” predicts Manish. “It’s a lot of data to gather let alone understand, and look back on when needed! The ability to create reliable data, uncover relationships to form relevant insights and ultimately eliminate the lag to delivering recommended actions directly into the hands of business users is what will be key,” says Manish.

Working Towards a Common Goal

Reltio uses leading edge big data technologies like Apache Cassandra, Spark, and Lucene as a foundation for Reltio Cloud. This frees IT from having to invest time and resources experimenting with Hadoop, big data lakes and integrating them with separate MDM solutions. Reltio works closely with business users to make sure that they receive fast time to value from DDAs. By providing business users with the applications they want, and a fully integrated modern data platform for IT, Reltio has brought together two worlds. “For the first time business teams can get the agility they need, while reducing IT burden and giving them the data quality and compliance they desire,” adds Manish. “How often has IT wondered if business is benefiting from the data I manage and procure? Well, now with Reltio providing end-to-end visibility between data management, business application usage and resulting actions, the loop is closed. Everyone understands the goals and is pulling on the same rope.”

The Future Contains New Business Opportunities

Reltio is helping guide healthcare and life sciences companies towards a datadriven future. The team reviews requests provided directly by users through a feedback button built into the product, to add new capabilities for better customer insights and recommendations. Reltio also serves other markets such as oil and gas, retail and distribution, enabling cross industry pollination of ideas that can benefit healthcare and life sciences. For example, customers in other industries are looking to use Reltio for data monetization. By using Reltio to create reliable data that contains detailed relationships within their industry, companies, through the vision of roles such as a Chief Data Officer (CDO) believe they can license their valuable data to others, or collaborate within their industry through Reltio DaaS.

Together with data partnerships, Reltio also is rapidly becoming the preferred technology for services and solutions partners such as ZS associates, Cognizant, HighPoint Solutions and many more. They see an opportunity to incorporate their industry domain expertise into Reltio DDAs to better serve their customers.

Reltio has a multi-pronged agenda: to give healthcare and life sciences the ability to better manage and gain insight into their data and relationships to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their R&D and commercial operations. Along the way, companies will be able to perform more efficient M&A, better serve the HCP and HCO community, align themselves with better patient outcomes, and even find new and exciting ways to monetize their valuable data assets.“We are always looking at how to expand the boundaries of what has been done so far, and where we need to do as a company to help our customers be right faster,” concludes Manish.


Silicon Valley, CA

Manish Sood, CEO and Founder

Reltio delivers enterprise data-driven applications and modern data management, enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to be right faster.