Process Stream: Into the Depths: How Process Stream Leverages Experience and Embedded Research to Transform Businesses from the Inside Out

CIO VendorMickey Shah, Managing Director-Business Development & Bobby Roy Managing Director-Life Sciences Solution
Smooth processes and effective cost maintenance are vital needs for anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry. But keeping your quality processes current can be an enormous potential headache. This is a challenge Process Stream’s Managing Director of Business Operations Mickey Shah understands well. “Alongside ensuring quality processes under frequent regulatory changes, maintaining accurate information across the enterprise is a challenge for any company looking to do business.”

Process Stream, a quality and business optimization consulting firm located in Princeton, New Jersey, offers the services enterprises need to make sense of regulatory standards. That’s something they are qualified to deliver; Process Stream is Sparta’s number one implementation partner for TrackWise, the industry-standard enterprise quality management software(EQMS). The key to their success, Shah maintains, is their commitment to understanding clients’ business needs. “Our consultants dig in to create processes that address their unique needs. We optimize every implementation for that business.”

The company’s system integrations improve efficiency by speeding up processes and preventing manual errors. “These sorts of mistakes,” Shah continues, “can be avoided by increasing automation, especially while moving data from one system to another.” Process Stream is able to ensure that a client’s preferred EQMS platform is fully tied into operations, harmonizing business processes and data across systems, and ensuring that business-critical processes operate as a unit.

Additionally, Process Stream offers data migration and validation services, leveraging proprietary tools to perform seamless operations alongside developing unique validation processes. Bobby Roy, Managing Director for Life Sciences, describes their validation services as “tailored to fit the needs of each client. Their team works with businesses to create a validation strategy utilizing a risk based approach that’s mindful of costs and complexity.”
Mickey Shah maintains that their versatile team is what lets them offer the best EQMS services in the market. Their consultants come from a diverse set of backgrounds with experience in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to food production which, Shah explains, gives the team special insights into optimizing business processes.

“Over time, we’ve implemented standardized training in platforms including TrackWise and Sparta Analytics so that each of our team members is able to immediately jump into action on a project.”

That’s enabled Process Stream to perform some remarkably creative implementations. For instance, the company worked with a client who had a large legacy system built via Excel spreadsheets that needed to be integrated into TrackWise. “We worked to create integration rules to smooth out their operations. Ultimately, we were able to completely integrate their old process with their new one,” explains Roy. This let the client continue using the Excel format for input, but have the data intelligently import itself into TrackWise, giving them both a seamless UI experience and data integration.

Through embedded research, our consultants really dig in and get to know the clients so we can create processes that address their unique needs

That’s what Process Stream has accomplished so far, but what about the future? What’s next for Process Stream?

Bobby Roy’s take? The future of technology in the industry is in the rapidly-advancing realities of cloud services and Big Data. “Cloud services are decentralizing everything from research to management, while Big Data will completely revolutionize the way we do business. We’re looking forward to seeing how these will transform the industry.” The company is also anticipating a forthcoming expansion into European markets, where they are confident in their ability to energize businesses by taking advantage of that market’s diverse opportunities.

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Mickey Shah, Managing Director-Business Development & Bobby Roy Managing Director-Life Sciences Solution

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