Paragon Solutions: Consulting and Technology Solutions for the Pharma and Life Sciences Sector

Daniel J. O’Connor, President and CEO
As pharma and life sciences companies emerge from the blend of patent cliff revenue losses and biotech fueled growth, they face a new standard—an ecosystem measured by health outcomes. In this environment, companies developing specialized treatments for more complex, and targeted diseases need to look at better ways to bring their products to market. But there are underlying challenges in the pharma landscape, like the elusive search for the right solutions to build patient-centric models that are nimble, digitally enabled, scalable and cost efficient on both global and local levels. This is where Paragon Solutions replaces status quo methodologies with fresh approaches that yield better results for its clients.

Headquartered in Cranford, NJ, Paragon Solutions applies an unbiased approach to enable organizations to extract maximum business value from their investments while reducing risks. The company’s solutions encompass deep expertise in R&D, Supply Chain, Commercial and Corporate business domains, supported by a foundation of innovative and repeatable practice capabilities, to help clients transform to a high-performing organization across strategy, people, processes, information and technology. “We have developed mature frameworks and solution accelerators that give life sciences organizations the tools to manage the challenges they contend with, including increased product and pipeline complexities, stringent regulations, patient-centric engagement and the aggregation and utilization of data, ” says Daniel J. O’Connor, President and CEO, Paragon Solutions.

Paragon specializes in implementing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions that help companies build information management strategies to effectively capture, store, manage, preserve, secure, deliver, analyze and use essential information and content. The essential components of an EIM solution, such as Intelligent Content Capture, Information Governance, Digital Document Management and Information Insights, empower enterprises to balance innovation and business needs, rapidly integrate acquisitions, modernize core platforms, reduce compliance risk, and improve total cost of ownership across regulated and non-regulated processes. “EIM capabilities assist enterprises in reorienting all sorts of information, documents, and digital assets for improved productivity. This brings significant value to the pharma landscape,” says O’Connor.
Paragon compliments its EIM expertise with Application Portfolio Rationalization, Business Process Improvement, Cloud and Data Migration, Organizational Change Management, and Systems Integration services. The company is also a recognized industry leader in providing Clinical Optimization services. These services improve clinical trial start-up and performance, implement industry standards and improve inspection readiness to reduce the risk of non-compliance, and assist with strategic planning and execution of effective business plans. Paragon is also helping companies monitor trials through a risk-based approach to help reduce monitoring costs.

Companies have recognized Paragon Solutions as a cost effective, high-value pathway towards improving productivity. When a U.S. pharmaceutical client was overpaying on requests for discounts and rebates from payers and government agencies because they were not managing to the contract terms, Paragon helped implement an effective process and automated system that allows them to ensure they are complying with contract terms and regulations and prevents them from overpaying on rebate and discount commitments. This solution has saved the client millions.

We focus on understanding customer’s key business needs and then developing specific solutions for overall productivity

Paragon focuses on encouraging their employees to develop and establish innovative ideas that keep the company competitive. “We make relevant and timely investments based on our clients’ needs and demonstrate to the market that we have a superior value proposition relative to our competitors,” adds O’Connor. Paragon Solutions plans to broaden its brand identity in life sciences by expanding its commitment within the space. “We want to gain brand awareness and market penetration by delivering innovative solutions that match the new growth in the industry,” concludes O’Connor.

Paragon Solutions

Cranford, NJ

Daniel J. O’Connor, President and CEO

An advisory consulting and systems integration firm that focuses on life sciences solutions for business process optimization, information management and information insight.