Attensa: Information in Context of Work, Your Big Competitive Advantage

Hans Witt, COO
It is well known that information is growing faster than our ability to manage, understand and use it. The challenge is not just the sheer volume of information; it’s how we interact and engage with information—and each other—across many different interfaces and devices. These challenges set the stage for an entirely new era of business agility, engagement and innovation— but getting there requires thinking about the problem differently.

It’s no longer about access to information; it’s about focusing on the information that matters in the individual context of work being performed. This challenge inspired the inception of Attensa—a cloud-based information management platform headquartered in Portland, OR.

“Many people in organizations spend an inordinate amount time managing the flow of information they receive. This is valuable time better spent on engagement—taking action and making intelligent decisions. As we say to our customers, it’s time to stop managing information and start creating intelligence.” said Hans Witt, COO of Attensa.

By intelligence Attensa means the right information, delivered to the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. Attensa’s customers have seen productivity gains of up to 50percent as they take advantage of the platform’s automated capabilities but Hans sees Attensa’s real value as enhanced employee collaboration, faster insight and better decision-making.

For information-driven businesses in Life Sciences and Pharma, receiving relevant information that stimulates ideas for innovation has always been a top priority however; the traditional approaches are frankly inadequate.

Attensa addresses this challenge head-on by centralizing information management and removing information silos. Information managers can aggregate both internal and external sources of information, and apply contextual filters, tags and trigger individual preferences that the platform uses to automatically deliver the right information in context of the people and the work that’s being accomplished.

“With Attensa, IT leaders deploy simple strategies that remove the complexity of dealing with information silos—inside and outside the organization—so that the right people have the right information to do their jobs—which results in measurable gains in engagement and action.
This is at the heart of our current work with customers in the life sciences and pharma industries,” said Hans. Attensa is investing heavily in the field of predictive analytics. The platform affords individual users automated information discovery and helps them determine relevance simply by knowing what information they consume and whom they interact with to get work done.

“Platforms should be smart enough to automatically find and organize information based on the user’s interaction with past content and the people they work with,” delineates Hans.

The platform also provides visibility into information usage: what it costs; who is using it; and how to improve it. With this insight, IT leaders can better assess their investment in information and understand how information helps their organization’s competitive position.

Attensa helps a variety of information-intensive organizations including those in pharmaceutical and research. For example, a multi-national pharma organization saw the opportunity to leverage the Attensa platform to develop communities of interest. Researchers engage with each other around specific research topics, with relevant information automatically curated to the group and peer-to-peer collaborative discussions take place for faster knowledge sharing and more informed decision-making.

Platforms should be smart enough to automatically find and organize information based on the user’s interaction with past content and the people they work with

Looking toward the future, Attensa will continue to invest heavily in both predictive analytics and in information sources that help IT leaders improve information relevance in the context of work. “Our goal is to help IT leaders connect individuals in the organization to the information ecosystem in which they work. We provide timely and relevant information in the context of employee’s work so they can make well-informed decisions that improve their company’s competitive position,” concluded Hans.


Portland, OR

Hans Witt, COO

Attensa is a cloud-based information management platform that provides a single place for people to connect and engage with information that matters to them to create intelligence.