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Pharmaceutical and life science organizations are constantly looking for dynamic improvement in their business processes via digital platforms. Without these platforms, it’s a frantic task for most organizations to manage huge volumes of documents generated from various processes and operations. The time and workforce used to segregate and manage these documents can even lead to huge decreases in ROIs. In this scenario, Adlib is one of those few companies that took a step forward to design a most efficient product for document transformation and classification. Adlib’s unique process of assembling documents, accurately digitizing, and publishing, has proven incredibly productive to organizations across verticals. “Our philosophy is focused on being the leader in document digitization and effective transformation, adding value to document management processes for our customers,” says Scott Mackey, VP, Customer Success at Adlib.

Adlib provides resourceful solutions integrating Enterprise Content Management (ECM),Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other business systems for life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. Their flagship product, Adlib PDF Enterprise delivers the most reliable PDF rendering with precise optical character recognition potential. The intelligent document assembly technique automates the conversion and enhancement of documents into searchable PDF files of superior clarity. The application is multifeatured and works in various alterations like CAD to PDF and Image to PDF. The application recognizes over 115 languages which ensure high accuracy for global content. The product reduces risk of non-compliance with industry and government regulations and delivers a decrease in costs, time and errors related to manual document transformation. “We certainly don’t want to create a complex or chaotic process, hence the documents are centrally managed from any location the client wants,” says Mackey. In fact, in order to add even more value to customer environments, Mackey, having spearheaded the development of Adlib’s Customer Success program, has subsequently created Adlib’s Life Sciences Customer Council, which will help to drive innovation at the company.

Adlib PDF supports almost all types of application integration like EMC Documentation, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and business process applications like K2 blackpearl and Nintex. The solutions have the ability to convert more than 400 formats of documents to high-fidelity digital versions. With the auto-assembly feature, the digitized documents are automatically segregated based on their metadata, digital signatures and watermarks.
CIO VendorScott Mackey, VP Customer Success & Co-Founder
Robust features like file compression, barcode recognition, custom metadata extraction and high security add to the efficiency of organizations. “Our products are simple yet powerful with easy-to-use interfaces to remove complexities for customers,” says Mackey. “We respond instantly to our clients through on-site training for implementation and integration of products,” he adds.

Apart from Adlib’s robust partner programs, the company offers a wide range of services including implementation, technical quality assessment,and optimization and upgrading programs.The company has its own professional services and support division which primarily focuses on the rapid adoption of products in accordance to the client requirements. Adlib’s technology is used in 20 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies. For instance, Actavis, a pharmaceutical firm, was looking for a solution to digitize their documents. Adlib engaged with the client and conducted extensive research to streamline their processes. After implementing Adlib’s document to PDF conversion solutions, the client was able to convert thousands of documents in an automated process which saved them time and money. Also, the solution ensured the centralization of the rendering process, consistency in quality and compliance to the corporate information. “Also, with this centralization, the clients are able to reduce the number of servers they need,” says Mackey.

Building on the success of its onpremise deployments, Adlib now offers this technology in a cloud environment and continues to focus on the enhancement of techniques to capture content as well as a number of other innovative projects. “We always want to make sure that we stay close to the industry, keeping an eye on client satisfaction,” concludes Mackey.


Ontario, Canada

Scott Mackey, VP Customer Success & Co-Founder

Working with a diverse partner ecosystem, Adlib is the leading expert in Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion technology, enabling the world’s largest organizations to improve the efficiency, quality and control of document-intensive business processes to optimize productivity, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

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