Idhasoft: Providing Innovative and Effective Business Solutions to Healthcare Companies

Alok Pathak, CEO
For the healthcare service providers of today, there is a challenge of balancing high-quality patient services with evolving healthcare standards, increased government regulations, emerging e-business trends, rising patient expectations and a demand for lower healthcare costs. The industry has adopted various technology enabled services like advanced research, clinical data management, telemedicine and imaging services amongst others. The key to deliver efficient clinical services, improved productivity and patient care, is to transform and modernize the healthcare services. Idhasoft, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is on the fast track of exploring the similar technologies and providing end-to-end business solutions to the healthcare companies across the globe.

Due to the increase in the competition today, there is a need to stay informed and focused to understand a particular business with a new perspective and for that, Idhasoft has come up with a joint initiative called “e-Health vision” which has a vision “Packaged & Delivered as iHMS”. Infirmary Hospital Management System (iHMS) is a web based system which is customized to suit the requirements of the clients. It facilitates better care delivery with seamless flow of data between disparate systems and business units so that the enterprises can deliver better care and enhanced satisfaction to the patients, care providers and also to the attendants. It enhances operational efficiencies by streamlining the hospital workflow, while reducing errors and increasing the productivity at all levels.

On a global basis, the company provides end-to-end pharmaceutical solutions in Business Process Reengineering (BPR), financial consolidation, merger management, technology identification, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and middleware implementation, infrastructure, retail distribution and pharmacy stores management. It offers its clients with complete onsite and offshore support on a 24 hour basis at competitive prices along with providing solutions like iClaims, which is turning into a much wanted solution for various health insurance companies and the healthcare member portal solution, which is an ideal fit for health care networks with respect to privacy, security, and confidentiality.

An important component of Idhasoft’s value proposition is its ability to provide end-to-to end business solutions to its customers

“Idhasoft is comprised of professionals who have honed their skills by delivering results in creating deployment solutions for a range of requirements like ERP, CRM, Big Data, etc across the diverse markets like Healthcare, Pharma and many others. With the help of its exclusive consultants and industry experts, the company is able to provide round the clock customer service to its clients”, says Alok Pathak, CEO, Idhasoft. The company is committed not only to live up to its standards, but also to advance awareness towards customer needs and to deliver high-value professional services to them so as to become their long-term strategic partner.

The company has a long list of clients, out of which, the healthcare customers are in prominent number and increasing. Among them are some of the biggest hospitals in India, as well as from Global healthcare platform. In India, the company provided their services to a renowned Kerela based hospital, which felt the need to upgrade its current computerized system comprising of 20 computers and a server, to the one complying with the international standards along with the need to facilitate their hospital with efficient management. In such a scenario, Idhasoft was chosen to convert their vision into reality.

Moving forward, Idhasoft envisions becoming a global world class organization, and provide cutting edge localized business and technology solutions, with continuous innovation and quality, delivered by domain and technology experts. With its mantra to offer tailored solutions to every customer, the company aims at customer oriented results, going by the spirit of customer’s vision and strategy.


Atlanta, GA

Alok Pathak, CEO

Idhasoft is a global business leader in providing technical, innovative and end-to-end business solutions to companies across the globe