Framework Solutions: Custom Software Services Delivered to Enhance Ad Promo Process Management

Chris Taylor, President & Founde
Every year, Pharmaceutical companies spend thousands of dollars in a quest to make their advertising and promotional materials review process more efficient. But ad promo processes constantly evolve with time and, coupled with the continuously changing review teams, it is very difficult for companies to keep track of their promotional process efficiency, as well as the ROI realized on investments made in this area. Acting to relieve these pain points is New Milford, CT-based Framework Solutions, Inc. (FSI), a custom software solutions and services provider, which is uniquely qualified to assist in this process.

FSI was founded in 2000 by Chris Taylor to provide process management and professional services to enterprises of all sizes. With entrepreneurial blood running in his veins, Taylor led the company to gain positive expertise in integrating custom software solutions into process management engagements in order to maximize internal efficiency and effectiveness. This not only translates to high quality and low cost for its clients, but also delivers remote services with a local feel.

Apart from its custom software development expertise, FSI utilizes its Ad Promo Process skills to provide valuable data that drives better efficiency and delivers positive ROI. “Our sales are always consultative in nature and the ROI of our engagements is identifiable very early on,” says Chris Taylor, CEO, FSI. The company works with clientele’s Brand Teams, IT departments and Regulatory departments to achieve dramatic increases in Quality, Efficiency and Compliance in their business processes. FSI’s propriety tools and experience with major Ad promo processing systems are used to pull real world content from the regulatory processes. “By doing so we are not only reducing time spent in meetings and monitoring brand team quality, but also reducing errors and omissions in order to maximize compliance and ensure positive ROI,” notes Taylor.

Our sales are always consultative in nature and the ROI of our engagements is identifiable very early on

FSI also provides clinical data management services to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, covering all aspects of data management; from CRF design, through data entry to final electronic data delivery. The company provides these services either directly to the study sponsor or through one of their various clinical research partners.

FSI has steadily found traction in the Pharmaceutical and Financial space and has successfully completed projects for the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, financial services institutions, mid-sized manufacturers, retailers, national research laboratories and government agencies. “We have currently worked with eight of the top 50 Pharmaceutical companies in the world and have helped over 65 individual Pharma brand teams to drive efficiency, quality, and compliance,” says Taylor. To this day, the company’s focus remains on providing quality software development, project management and customized professional services to new and existing clients.

Looking forward, FSI plans to continue delivering quality custom software development and professional services, based on a solid framework and is well positioned to execute its growth plans to witness even better success rates.

Framework Solutions

New Milford, CT

Chris Taylor, President & Founde and David Flynn, Vice President, Partner

Framework Solutions provides custom software development and professional services to enterprises across all industry verticals to deliver automation, consistency and efficiency