Asentech: Insights to Action: ROI-Driven Digital Strategies Powered by Consumer Voice and Feedback

Anil Bhaskar, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & President
An increasing number of patients currently use digital avenues such as websites, micro and social media sites and mobile apps to search for products and services, seek expert advice, swap information and more—in turn shrinking the role of Health Care Professional (HCP) in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. Nearly 80 percent of consumers scout for health information on the internet. In order to engage them, organizations need to establish a strong online presence and harness the power of digital world. Whether it’s a pharma company, a medical equipment manufacturer, a radiology lab or a hospital, Asentech, a Princeton, NJ based company can be the right partner in this digital transformation. “With our extensive experience and practice, we help companies choose the right digital strategy that’s most relevant to their current and future business needs. We have built strong expertise in customizing intelligence-driven services that will help deliver maximum value to patients and customers,” says Anil Bhaskar, Co-founder, Managing Partner & President, Asentech.

With traditional marketing, companies in Pharma and Healthcare sector relied on focus groups to understand consumers’ needs and preferences, but in the digital world, consumers are constantly interacting with and providing feedback about the brand. Asentech’s Listening Center gathers and analyzes this vast volume of consumer generated media (Social media, forum/blogs, other web data) and translates it into insights. “You can effortlessly track consumer’s discussions, understand sentiment, identify influencers and use the resulting insights to improve your overall brand marketing strategy,” says Bhaskar. For instance, one of Asentech’s clients assumed that the major barrier to their new drug formulation was price, which was almost three times higher than its competitor’s, but Asentech’s listening exercise revealed that patient’s interest in understanding the efficacy and safety of the drug far exceeded their concern over price. This insight helped the clients to educate the physicians on how/what they can do to proactively answer patient’s questions.

Asentech’s Business Intelligence (BI) division captures detailed consumer-relevant data from a cross-section of internal and external sources. “Asentech’s BI supplements the machine and algorithm based analysis along with manual analysis by the subject matter experts (healthcare professionals) for efficient decision making, and this differentiates us from our competitors,” explains Bhaskar.

Having an effective (digital) strategy begins with listening to your customer. We will help you connect the dots from architecture to execution

From unilateral communication platform (web-properties), the internet today has morphed into a multi-lateral, spider network that facilitates not only B2B, B2C, C2C but also C2B communications. Hence Asentech has come with Digital Marketing Continuum (DMC), a unique approach to completely overhaul ways in which brands can engage consumers. It includes company’s proprietary solutions—Digital Body Language (DBL) and Intelligent Active Intervention (IAI), which offers real-time, in-depth understanding of a web property’s usability and engagement with the consumer. While DBL analyzes users’ online footprints on client’s web property, IAI contextually engages the users while they are still navigating the pages and also guides them to relevant sections with prompts and pop-ups.

Asentech’s built-to-excel offerings have created impressive clientele that includes Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis Vaccines, PSKW, Disney and News Corp to name a few. “Over the past two years we have transferred several technology, production and data functions to Asentech, and with each transition the process has been very smooth. More importantly, Asentech is consultative, recommending a number of changes to our processes and reporting methodology that we have implemented, resulting in increased efficiencies for our business,” says Adam Reinebach, EVP, Marketing Solutions & Circulation, SourceMedia.

Going forward Asentech is on its continuous efforts to improve the technology platforms that it has built over the years, adding new elements for the digital transformation journey.


Princeton, NJ

Anil Bhaskar, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & President and Vineet Dhawan, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CEO

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