Nimble is Now Priority One

Akshay Kapadia, Founder & CEO, Conexus Solutions, Inc.
Akshay Kapadia, Founder & CEO, Conexus Solutions, Inc.

Akshay Kapadia, Founder & CEO, Conexus Solutions, Inc.

Now, more than ever, commercial teams across the life sciences industry must interact with Healthcare Providers in new and different ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has put additional constraints on pharmaceutical reps as many Healthcare Provider (HCP) offices continue to limit physical access to their facilities. In fact, a recent Veeva Survey found that, “58% of HCPs surveyed do not expect to engage face-to-face in 2020.” These restrictions require virtual meetings, digital communications, and thinking differently about how to provide the most value in non-personal promotion.

At the same time, HCPs continue to seek timely and relevant medical products to address their patients’ needs. Even in the shadow of a global pandemic, a recent Accenture survey found that “88% of HCPs want companies to continue to launch new products for conditions they treat despite the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19.

Pandemic-related constraints, increased access to and acceptance of remote capabilities, and a continuing need for timely medical solutions has broken the inertia of traditional marketing and opened the door to what was once considered unconventional or not worth the investment.

Smaller pharma may have an advantage now. Making fundamental changes in marketing and sales can be quicker in a smaller organization. Time-to-change (TTC) equals competitive advantage and can make all the difference, especially for a single-brand company.

  Nimble commercial operations are no longer a “nice-to-have.” To remain competitive, it is now essential that commercial teams move, pivot, and respond swiftly and with precision in such a rapidly changing environment. Nimble is now Priority One 

Because of this perfect storm, HCPs are also using new technology in their own practices. This will likely lead to remote meetings becoming a standard, rather than an exception. So, the evolution will continue and become more mature. Integrating the systems that enable this technology with other sales and marketing channels will give new insight into HCP preference, understanding gaps in information and what drives engagement.

Relying on relevant analytics to drive decisions about who to contact, when to reach out, and how to connect is a great place to start.  Data science can create significant value, especially for sales and marketing teams. The right analytics can help make more informed, data-driven management decisions, resulting in increased revenue, improved forecasting, and channel/message optimization.

But putting systems in place quickly and correctly is more difficult in smaller pharma where everyone is already wearing many hats. This is where functional outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing has evolved and vendors, now more than ever, must be true partners, bringing not only headcount but expertise to help create value.

Combining outsourcing with enabling SaaS technology solutions reduces operating costs and can support greater integration of worldwide teams. Cloud solutions typically offer greater accessibility and streamlined implementations that are far more flexible than traditional on-premises technologies.

Outsourcing commercial operations, including support for enabling technologies, is particularly beneficial for small and midsize teams. This strategy employs substantial capabilities and skilled resources who get the most from the technologies they are using. It also reduces staffing costs while supporting quick ramp-up and expansion. It delivers a higher degree of nimbleness without sacrificing depth of expertise or breadth of capabilities. 

The Accenture Healthcare Provider Survey also noted, “82% of HCPs have seen pharma companies change what they communicate about, to include support that meets their most pressing needs.” Competitive commercial teams are making changes to business as usual. Flexible outsourcing models and technologies are facilitating this movement.

At Conexus Solutions, our own growth has been fueled by this shift. We have responded by adding people and new services to support marketing automation, remote video detailing, content development, and systems integration that delivers cross-functional information between sales and marketing.

By providing these and other support services, our customers are able to remain flexible and nimble in this constantly changing environment.

Conexus Solutions leads the charge with nimble technologies and scalable service solutions that help life sciences organizations achieve commercial success more quickly and efficiently.  Our services, which have transformed our customers’ commercial operations and are providing long-term flexibility and resilience required today and tomorrow, are listed below:

  • Commercial Operations – one-stop-shop providing a full-service outsourced Commercial Operations offering for Pharma and Life Sciences companies
  • Cloud Services – implementation and support of based solutions including Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing Solutions–create brand websites, core visual aids,and other digital content to support non-personal promotions and remote interactions
  • Data Science & Insights– analysis, aggregation, and interpretation of various data sources to optimize customer segmentation, promotion response modeling, ROI analysis

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