R&D Logic: Cloud Based Solutions for R&D Intensive Companies

Wanda Ionescu, CEO
After building a successful software architecture firm where most of her clients were Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, Wanda Ionescu recognized the unmet need for software specific to the R&D intensive Life Science industry. Turning her entrepreneurial dreams into reality, Ionescu launched a first of its kind niche cloud based software company, R&D Logic, Inc., the perfect solution to address the complex issues faced by this sector.

“A successful life science company has solid science, is innovative, timely and cost efficient. These are very big challenges in this highly competitive industry,” says Wanda Ionescu, CEO, R&D Logic, Inc. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, R&D Logic is focused on facilitating visibility, accountability, and transparency of financial and other resources to ensure timely and accurate decision making. They do this by providing software tools that understand the unique challenges of a Life Science R&D intensive company where the financial management process is complex and multidimensional. R&D software has built in life sciences best practice methodologies, smart connectors to integrate critical information from other key systems, and expert services resulting in a comprehensive solution.

“An R&D intensive business must keep a constant eye on the ongoing investment in R&D in order to mitigate the risks associated with the unknown, while optimizing the return on these investments, and continue to discover and launch innovative products,” adds Ionescu. With a constant eye towards the “project”, the R&D Logic solution suite allows R&D intensive companies to plan, track, analyze, collect and report information by organization and by project portfolio. The software and services are flexibly configured according to the customer’s business model.

There are many software companies offering generic planning functionality but there is no other software company with our unique industry specialty

A company can subscribe to only the features and functions they need, as well as implement it based on its specific parameters and business rules.

Regarding the technical architecture of the software, R&D Logic uses multiinstance architecture with Oracle as the back-end engine and delivers over the cloud, using the latest security standards. The company has also make a significant investment in the data center operations to ensure data integrity and security, as well as necessary back-ups, archives and recovery plans.

R&D Logic’s unique combination of life sciences R&D functionality, industry knowledge and expertise, with scenario based delivery sets R&D Logic apart from other software companies. “We have been doing business the old fashion way for 13 years with quality products, relevant business knowledge, strong customer relationships, high renewal rates, constant growth, and customer driven software development”, asserts Ionescu.

R&D Logic

San Mateo, CA

Wanda Ionescu, CEO

Provider of SaaS Business Management software for leading public and private Life Sciences companies